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Working with Adults

In working with adult (post-18) clients, in the case of a referral from a professional agency, the client is bound by the conditions of the referring organisation to attend the specified/ allocated therapeutic programme for the full duration of the course deemed necessary. This is often a legal obligation rather than an advisory term.

In the case of a private or self-referral, we ask any adult clients to come to one of our locations (of their choice) to attend an initial consultation session, which lasts for around 45 minutes and costs just £45. As well as this session giving our team an opportunity to assess the client and to establish the most appropriate course of therapy for them in terms of type and timescales, the session gives us an opportunity to weigh up if the person is serious about a commitment to the referral.

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Julie Stirpe
Julie Stirpe Director of Practice Innovation
Programme and timescales discussed initially
Handling of information are always paramount importance
3 convenient locationsfor you to choose from

In private or self-referrals, the client can always have choice regarding the proposed programme of therapy put to them at the initial consultation, but the team at JSA will always advocate that the most effective way of approaching therapy is to commit to the timescales and duration stated. If a client decides they only wish to partake in half of the sessions, for example, they will be informed that it is very likely that their issues will go unresolved as a result of not being able to fully commit to the programme of therapy. At JSA, whilst we are centred on the person at the heart of the therapy and will do our best to be flexible around a busy lifestyle, we will never

cut corners in order to work towards ending the programme more quickly within a rushed timescale.

In working with any adults clients, respect and the appropriate handing of information are always of paramount importance.

We have systems in place for our private/ self-referral clients to pay ‘on the day’ at our offices if this suits them better than paying up front for their therapy sessions.

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