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Family Therapy

Family Therapy at JSA does exactly what you might expect, and allows families to work through issues, communication and relationships in a safe space. Open-ness and honesty are encouraged in sessions to allow difficulties to be overcome. The therapy looks at establishing each family member’s identity as individuals as well as within the family unit as a whole and leads to the opening of more effective communication channels.

The implementation of Family Therapy can also be particularly effective in care settings, whereby young people in particular may struggle to find their role or place within the family or residential setting. In these cases, we have found that young people may have had more autonomy prior to going into care, and therefore struggle above everything else with the change in structure. Teenage years are traumatic enough for anybody, what with physiological changes and psychological pressures, but those entering into the care system can expect even more challenges; which can affect the entire family unit.

The Family Therapy provision on offer at JSA is a reparative therapy and has no age restrictions with regards to who it can be suitable for, so it’s not just for those with teenage children. Most cases are referred to us through the Family Justice System, though we are open to local authorities and private agencies making those referrals also.

In carrying out Family Therapy, our therapists follow general rules on a systemic model, whereby we look at family history and then work with the group to understand both the individuals and the dynamics at play as part of the whole unit. We can then follow a more bespoke course of therapeutic treatment. The situation that a family finds itself in can be a result of any event or group of events, such as a trauma, bereavement, or perhaps even just ongoing arguments and rebellion.

Depending on the level of therapy needed, the number of weeks they will work with our therapists can span anything from 6 to 52 weeks. It’s very much a talking therapy, so through this process our therapists may identify the need for individuals within the family group to require their own individual course of therapeutic care with one of our in-house team of therapists. At JSA, we have found that it can be very effective to include aspects of Creative Arts and Drama Therapy – and even Equine and Animal Assisted Therapy – into our family programmes, as these can really enhance the fun activities that we aim to provide as part of Family Therapy. The ultimate aim of a programme like this is to bring the family unit back together, and JSA are proud of our reputation for success in this field owing to the fact that our team all work together under one roof and share regular case updates (where appropriate) to ensure that a joined-up approach is applied for the benefit of each of our families.

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