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Drama and Creative Arts Therapy

As the name suggests, this therapy covers a range of aspects from the Creative Arts – music, drama, dance, and art to name some of the more popular choices.  In order to access or best benefit from this therapy, there is no need at all for clients to have a background or talent in any of those fields.  The therapy is about expression, not talent, and the aim is to serve as therapy, not skill development.

As well as essential self-expression, we have found that through the use of Creative Arts and Drama Therapy, psychological difficulties surrounding the well-being of clients can really emerge through their use of colours, textures, tone, and own descriptions of work.  Rather than providing critical judgement, the therapist will guide the client towards using their work as a way of expressing and describing their feelings, situations and thought processes where they might otherwise struggle to engage with a talking focused therapeutic model.

Creative Arts and Drama Therapy is a very accessible therapy. Usually, it takes place in one-to-one sessions with individuals, though it can also prove effective in a group setting, as this allows and encourages clients to be open to and feel supported by a therapeutic peer network.  Programmes for Creative Arts and Drama Therapy are usually 6 weeks in duration, and the therapy provides a short term approach for dealing with clients’ issues.  The sessions allow for a lot of debriefing and feedback, and, as a result are very popular with private clients who choose to instruct JSA to take a key role in their corporate well-being strategies.

Kate Brown Drama and Creative Arts Therapist

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