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Looking after your little ones

Though it can be upsetting when children are in need of therapeutic intervention and care, at JSA, we are specialists with such cases, and all children are welcomed and cared for under our provision.

 We offer a wide range of specialist children’s therapies, with each one being planned and delivered by our experienced and qualified child psychotherapy team.

We understand that children are often unable to identify what is troubling them and we respect that children and young people often cannot find or express words or narrative to explain their distress.  In most cases, we witness certain behaviours, and these are often misunderstood by adults, such as parents, carers and teachers, who are then unable to cope with situation presented to them.  Ultimately, this becomes a cycle of negativity for the young person.

At JSA, we understand all of this, and approach our child and adolescent therapy from a neurosequential model of brain development, utilising the most up to date evidence-based practice. Our assessments and therapies are targeted to the individual child’s age, life history and presented behaviours.   Therapies offered and individually planned for our children and young people include Play Therapy, Theraplay™, Creative Arts and Drama Therapy, EMDR, Animal (Equine and Canine) Assisted Psychotherapy, CBT, and Emotion Focused Therapy to name just a few.  As always, the most appropriate and effective therapy will be planned according to each individual child.

Our promise to clients

“At JSA we will provide all our stakeholders lasting outcomes in a responsive manner.”

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