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Employee Wellbeing

Keeping your workplace happy, healthy and productive

It is our belief that the importance of psychological and emotional wellbeing cannot be overstated. For individuals and teams, it remains key to the productivity and healthy operation of any professional body.

Today’s world presents us with complex stresses in many ways. Consider the increased pace and connection of our modern lifestyles, in which the workplace is rarely more than a login or a text away at any given moment. This continuous access to communication can often result in a blur between the life and work balance.

With the pressures of work bleeding into time away from the office, many employees can find it difficult to completely ‘switch off’. It is for reasons such as these that we at JSA do what we can to provide a reprieve from unresolved pressure and mitigate stressors that arise within the workplace. This is exemplified in our workforce wellbeing retainer package.

Therapeutic assistance is available as a package designed with small to medium enterprises in mind. This includes a set number of hours per month of counselling, advice or emotional triage via telephone call to our clinics.

Further support can be sought by spot purchasing for an additional cost per hour if this limit is exceeded. A subscription to this service will also provide your company with 2 free places on all JSA Psychotherapy training events for the year.

Prices are scaled based on the number of employees covered:


At JSA we pride ourselves for our proactive attitude to client engagement. We will address the issue at hand as swiftly as possible, so you needn’t worry about being placed on a waiting list. Additionally, all of our services described above are available without the need of a GP’s note to get started. This allows us to promptly resolve particularly time sensitive issues such as those causing extended periods of sick leave.

The value of your team’s health and cooperation remains the same across all sectors. Therefore we encourage any businesses wishing to improve workplace wellness to contact us and see why we have already been able to boost the productivity of so many companies across the locality.

Julie Stirpe Principal Psychotherapist

Our promise to clients

“At JSA we will provide all our stakeholders lasting outcomes in a responsive manner.”

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