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Trauma Focused CBT

Trauma focused CBT (TF-CBT) is a form of talking therapy that addresses emotions and mental health needs of trauma survivors. Trauma can be the result of witnessing or experiencing a threatening, scary, overwhelming situation which are out of the individual’s control. Experiencing traumatic events can have a long-lasting effect on every aspect of the life, which is why the aim of TF-CBT is to eliminate the marks of trauma.

TF-CBT is recommended for anyone who developed a post-traumatic symptoms, depression or anxiety after a single or repeated exposure to traumatic events. It is categorised as a short-term form of therapy which can last from 8 to 25 sessions. 

In a TF-CBT work, therapist focus on 4 components: grounding, memory processing, belief and reclaim. Grounding helps to practice cognitive behavioural techniques to better manage reoccurring symptoms of PTSD. This might involve relaxation techniques which brings the client to the present. Memory processing is about working with the client’s memories of the traumatic event which can an emotional and difficult process. Belief, this component focus on making sense of what happened and gives the individual an opportunity to make own judgments of the events. Last component of TF-CBT is reclaiming own life, which might have been lost due to the significant impact of the trauma. At this stage individual learns how to bring back the control of own life.

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