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Divorce and Separation Contact Issues

JSA Psychotherapy offer Parenting After Parting and Family Therapy programmes to support parents and children during divorce and separation.  For information about Expert Witness Assessments refer to the Private Law page of this website.  

Parents seeking therapeutic support for themselves or for their children during divorce and separation can access our Family Therapy, Children’s Therapy and Relationship Therapy services.  It is important to know that Relationship Therapy is designed to help couples separate if this is the best course of action; it is not just for those seeking to resolve issues and rebuild relationships.

Julie Stirpe designed and developed the Parenting After Parting intervention to specifically assist separated parents to reframe any negative feelings persisting from their previous relationship to focus upon and meet the needs of their children.  Young people and children can cope with divorce and separation if their parents remain emotionally regulated and place their needs at the centre of new living arrangements, shared care, contact and the formation of new family units.  Often parents are struggling to manage their own emotional responses to the break down of relationships and unresolved problems surface and dominate thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  

JSA Psychotherapy provides therapeutic support for individual parents and for children; we also provide tailored and flexible Family Therapy programmes to strengthen or rebuild relationships and contact. Parenting After Parting is a very successful programme for parents who wish to reframe their previous relationship and provide stability for their children with a functional co-parenting agreement.

Julie Stirpe
Julie Stirpe Director of Practice Innovation

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