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Psychosexual Therapy

Sex, and anything relating to it, can be very difficult for people to talk about, and so it is essential that our therapists at JSA are able to put our clients at ease to eradicate and negate any sense of shame or embarrassment.  Our therapists work with clients to assess if the problems or issues they are experiencing are best treated medically or therapeutically. If it is the latter, then through either a talking therapy or a behaviour focused therapeutic approach, they will work to find the root cause of the problems presented, to overcome any ongoing issues that the clients and the people they form relationships with may be encountering.

Aspects of sexual behaviours or problems that our therapists will explore include disability, confidence, low sexual desire, sexual identity, sexual violence/abuse, difficulties with climax, painful intercourse, erectile and/or ejaculation difficulties, sex addiction and fetishes.  Talking through any or all of these factors will allow the client or couple to better understand themselves in terms of sex and sexuality, and will enable them to form healthier and happier sexual pursuits and experiences.

Zoe Hargreaves Psychosexual Psychotherapist

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