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Play Therapy

Play Therapy is one of the many therapies at JSA that works to support younger clients to work through any issues or problems they may have. It is client led and non-directive, and its practices are based on Axeline’s principals and working with/through play as metaphor and symbolism.

The therapy is classed as a non-talking therapy, which bypasses the needs for words via the engagement in play centred activities. Play Therapy goes straight into the subconscious, and though it is suitable for young people from the age of two years old, it can also be effective with people of any age. The therapy can cover and include anything from art to music and looks at toys and activities that will engage and work both sides of the brain to allow for sensory integration. A popular aspect of our work is sand tray work, where clients can both mould the sand and also utilise figures and implements within it as a base.

Our therapists work with clients in Play Therapy over a course of sessions where reflective themes are explored. Play Therapy proves to be effective in client self-healing in a wholly natural way, as it allows our young clients to process experiences and even traumas in their own time. It is carried out in a safe space where any questioning techniques are non-leading. Safe play and handling of toys is encouraged to allow for attuned therapeutic responses, empathy and trust to blossom. This interaction provides a safe emotional space for the young person to express their inner world and feelings. Pre and post assessments are carried out with our clients, along with a mindfulness that, often, things can get worse before they get better. The goal is to work towards the young person feeling safe. In the case of Looked After Children in particular, Life Story work can be offered as a key part of this treatment.

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