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CAT – Cognitive Analytic Therapy

Sometimes referred to as Relational Psychotherapy, Cognitive Analytic Therapy is primarily concerned with addressing recurrent adverse patterns within a client’s interpersonal relationships and encouraging healthy reciprocation.

CAT is required when a client demonstrates repeated patterns of difficulty in forming and maintaining positive and healthy relationships. For example, the relationship dynamics a child experiences will inform their behaviour as they mature, and how they will go on to relate to others. At the most significant degree, intervention may be necessary to prevent the emergence of a personality disorder.

Though treating a client’s relational health is typically concerned with romantic partnerships, the programme is just as often utilised to improve their ability to maintain platonic, familial, or even professional relationships. As such CAT can be an effective method of promoting corporate well-being.

In terms of delivery, a programme of between 8 and 24 sessions may be recommended. However, in cases where clients have significant difficulties in engaging with the work provided, additional sessions may be required.

CAT comprises of three phases, which we refer to colloquially as The 3 ‘R’s. Firstly, we approach Reformulation, an assessment of existing relationship dynamics to provide context for the presenting behavioural issues. The second phase involves Recognition of the patterns of behaviour. In the final phase, Revision is conducted with the client in order to solidify understanding and progress.

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