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Pre Proceedings

The pre-proceedings process relates to the work carried out by a group of professional agencies prior to a local uuthority applying for a Care Order for a child or young person who they believe is at risk of abuse or neglect.  During this process, authorities will do all they can to work with a family to explore all avenues for resolving situations prior to the need for court involvement.  JSA have long been a go-to resource that local authorities from across the North West will draw upon in order to support in this process, owing to our reputable team of psychotherapy practitioners, who all serve as qualified and approved expert witnesses at the pre-proceedings stage.

As expert witnesses, our therapists – hailing from both psychology and psychotherapy backgrounds – are able to carry out a range of assessments that identify the relevant psychological issues affecting individual members of the family, as well as those affecting the family unit as a whole dynamic, before using this information to provide recommendations and reports for the most appropriate therapeutic programmes and interventions for the families we work with.

Our involvement offers bespoke and targeted pre-proceedings assessment and intervention programmes; designed, administered and evaluated by our qualified and experienced independent expert witness professionals, whom we recruit from the fields of psychology and psychotherapy.

In having a wealth of experience in working with Looked After Children in many different situations and environments, JSA are committed to providing a life-changing level of care and resource that will, in the best-case scenario, keep a family functioning together.  In an alternative case view, we work hard to enable a child or young person access to the most appropriate and beneficial therapy and support possible to help ease them through their transfer into the care process.

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