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Personal Injury

Providing psychological care to compliment physical recovery

JSA are well established amoung local and national solicitors and insurance firms for referrals of Personal Injury cases.  Our specialist service provides targeted psychotherapeutic intervention to aid the recovery of our clients in the aftermath of a personal injury. 

The personal injury in question may have been caused as a result of anything from a domestic incident such as a trip or fall, through to a catastrophic injury such as sustaining a life changing disability or surviving an act of terrorism.  In psychological terms, these maybe considered as Major Event Trauma. It is often overlooked that those who have suffered injuries under such circumstances are likely to have developed mental health conditions such as PTSD or agoraphobia.

We firmly believe that the ethos of support and rehabilitation for Personal Injury should extend to remedy the harm inflicted to the client’s mental health. JSA can also provide support to victims of medical negligence, such as an incorrectly performed surgical procedure. Likewise, we have specialists who work with the survivors of sexual violence.

It is well evidenced that the sooner a person is able to adequately process their trauma following a catastrophic event, the more likely they will be to avoid the onset of mental health issues. It is for this reason that the prompt delivery of clinical psychotherapeutic support can be so valuable to a client’s ongoing quality of life for years to come after their injury.

In all cases, the appropriate specific programme of therapy will be arranged following a thorough psychological assessment. This ensures that the client receives evidence-based, trauma informed intervention that will most effectively meet their individual needs.

Alastair Barrie
Alastair Barrie Adult and Adolescent Psychotherapist

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