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Parent-Child Attachment Play (PCAP)

Parent-Child Attachment Play is an evidence based and theory driven program designed to empower parents and carers as agents of change within the family unit. 

This innovative programme can be delivered to parents and carers on an individual basis, or in group work.  Parent/carers are led by the practitioner through a series of applicable skills from the framework. Once they are confident and ready, the parent/carer devises a small play or activity kit to enjoy at home with their child.

This activity serves as an opportunity for the parents/carers to put their newly acquired techniques into practice, so that they and their children can become familiarised with the process of interacting with each other in this new way.  Over time, these new skills are carried over to address the challenging aspects of family life that were previously causing the most conflict.

Parents/ carers are supported consistently at each stage of this process by the practitioner to encourage and empower them to achieve this confidence.  The program can be delivered in a way that is best suited to the parents/carers needs, in order to leave them feeling resolute in their ability to form and maintain a strong and empathic relationship with their child/children.

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