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Zoe Hargreaves

Zoe Hargreaves

Psychosexual Psychotherapist

Zoe Hargreaves is a cognitive behavioural therapist with specialised Psychosexual and relationship and EMDR training, she provides mainstream CBT intervention or more specialised psychosexual work with individuals, couples and groups. Zoe is a senior associate therapist for JSA Psychotherapy Limited, providing therapeutic assessment and intervention.

Zoe has several years providing psychosexual intervention at Brook Young People’s Service. Her specialised training allows her to use a dynamic approach that motivates individuals to self-empowerment.  After attaining a BSc (Hons) in Psychology, Zoe served as an assistant psychologist at Stockport Psychology services, under Dr Clive Reading where she gained extensive experience in family proceedings matters, psychological assessment, application of psychometric testing and interviewing.

Zoe currently works part-time for Lancashire Care Foundation Trust and is also a guest lecturer for Edgehill University.

Zoe enjoys beautiful weather, good food, laughter and some exercise; namely group exercise where she can also exercise her vocal chords.

If you would like to contact Zoe, please call her on 01282 685345.

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