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Margaret Bullock

Margaret Bullock

Chartered Psychologist

Dr Margaret Bullock is a Child and Educational Psychologist with twenty years’ experience and knowledge in the application of leading edge, evidence based practice in promoting the psychological well-being of young people across Social Care, Education and family contexts.

Margaret has expertise covering all aspects of Educational Psychology practice, including the the administration of a wide range of psychometric assessments and other robust and standardised methods of enquiry, to identify therapeutic and/ or educational needs.

As well as working within Education, Margaret has also developed a specialism around working with young people and their parents and/ or carers within Children’s Social Care settings, including in Residential and Foster Care homes.

Margaret has experience in training and professional development in the theory and application of psychology: child development and parenting, attachment, complex trauma, mental health and special educational needs.

Margaret has a special interest in working systemically and in promoting an understanding of young people in context. Her practice includes using consultation approaches to help deliver psychologically informed therapeutic parenting.

At JSA Psychotherapy, Margaret has worked collaboratively with Julie Stirpé and her team in developing and delivering joint psychological and psychotherapeutic support for children and families.

If you would like to contact Margaret, please call her on 01282 685345

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