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Kate McLaughlin
by Kate McLaughlin

Kate McLaughlin: Our Digital Marketing Apprentice

In April 2021, we welcomed Kate McLaughlin as our digital marketing apprentice.  JSA brought Kate onboard with the intention of building up our online presence through our social media channels, blogs, monthly magazines and other marketing materials.  

Kate is currently working towards her Level 3 Digital Marketing qualification with QA Apprenticeships. To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2022 (7th February – 13th February), we sat down with Kate to find out how she is getting on with her apprenticeship. 


What do you enjoy the most about your apprenticeship? 


“I really enjoy working with my team on various campaigns.  I manage all the social media, websites and marketing materials for JSA Psychotherapy and Life Change Care and work continuously with my colleagues to create and implement different campaigns for each company.” 


What have you done over the past ten months on your apprenticeship? 


“My apprenticeship has allowed me to understand a lot of different marketing aspects, which I’ve been able to implement into JSA Psychotherapy’s marketing efforts including social media and email marketing campaigns, specifically Group Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and State of Mind. I’ve also created monthly magazines for both JSA Psychotherapy and their sister company Life Change Care.  

I’ve studied relationship marketing, some basic coding and web technologies which have all contributed to my role within the company.” 


What are you hoping to achieve after your apprenticeship? 


“I am hoping to continue with my learning and development within the marketing field. Marketing covers such a vast topic and there are many areas that I still want to explore – you never stop learning.” 


Do apprenticeships give you clear guidance as to where it can take you in the future? 


“I think they do. My apprenticeship has certainly allowed me to understand what I want to specialise in and has highlighted the opportunities that are there for me. It also allows you to see what other types of careers are needed to help run a business, which I don’t think you always learn in school.” 


Do you feel that apprenticeships are beneficial? Would you recommend an apprenticeship to a young person? 


“I would recommend an apprenticeship to everyone – it’s a great way for you to gain hands on experience. Especially in the marketing industry where no two days are the same. An apprenticeship allows you to gain valuable experience while learning and equips you with vital transferrable skills that you only get in a workplace.” 


We are proud of how much Kate has achieved throughout her apprenticeship so far and we are excited to see what happens in the future. 


As part of National Apprenticeship Week this week, we are also highlighting Alicia Barrett, who went from Apprentice to Group Administration Manager and recently celebrated her seventh year with the company.  

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