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Julie Stirpe – Pilot Study

PhD Proposal to University of Middlesex and Metanoia Institute

June 2022

Researcher – Julie Stirpe, Director of Practice Innovation, JSA Psychotherapy Ltd, Burnley

Proposed research – investigation into the application, practice and outcomes of Psychotherapy and Counselling for children in residential care in the UK


The questionnaire is a Pilot Study to explore experiences of Psychotherapists and Counsellors who provide interventions for children in residential care in the UK.  Data will influence the formulation of the Research Question for a PhD Proposal to be submitted to University of Middlesex in September 2022.

A recent literature review has revealed a paucity of research relating to the practice of Psychotherapy and Counselling for children in residential care. International studies of Therapeutic Care and Trauma Informed Care, in residential settings for children, lack reference to Psychotherapy and Counselling, focusing instead, on the application of daily therapeutic caregiving practice.  Within the context of increasing recommendation, by Ofsted and Local Authority Commissioning, to provide access to Psychotherapy and Counselling for the children placed in residential care in the UK, the researcher seeks to investigate the experiences of practitioners currently working with children in this sector.

The questionnaire will ask 15 questions about your professional experiences working with Looked After Children in residential care homes in the UK: the formulation of therapy, the application and practice of therapy and the co-ordination of your intervention with the home and Local Authority/agents.  The questionnaire is likely to take about 20 minutes to complete and contains a brief evaluation/feedback section at the end.

You are required to complete a Consent Form at the start of the process, which is located below. Once the consent form has been submitted, a link will be provided to take you to the questionnaire. Consent and questionnaire data will be stored on a Cloud site for the purposes of the formulation of the Research Proposal to University of Middlesex.  The data garnered for this Pilot Study will not contribute to the main body of research for the proposed Doctoral Research.

The deadline for submission of online questionnaire responses is 30th June 2022.

I would like to thank you for giving your professional time to contribute to this Pilot Study and for supporting my investigation into the practice of Psychotherapy and Counselling with children in residential care.




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